Real Bride Guide

Our first debut of
“Real Bride Guide”
Kristen and Dusty!

A very classy couple who will be saying their I dos "Old Hollywood" style.

Just when you think pulling off this lavishly unique wedding style may be hard to do…just wait until you hear the very practical advice Kristen has to offer to all you fabulous brides looking for a bit of hope behind your wedding preperations.

Final Count-Making your List work for You.
We have overestimated just to be safe.

We were also sure that our catering choices where hefty potions per person (we are doing action stations monitored by chefs – so we have passed appetizers and a burger station, a mashed potato bar, pasta bar etc).
My future hubby is 6’5 and his family of men like their food! I hate being hungry at a wedding – we wanted to avoid that!

What’s your bridal style and what are some unique ways you plan on adding your unique touches throughout your wedding?

My bridal style is old Hollywood, romantic and elegant. We are having our guests wear black, yet there won’t be a cinch of black at the wedding.

We are having whites, creams, ivories and blush pinks with large champagne urns with ostrich feathers and large vases on our tables with hydrangeas, Valencia roses and champagne curly willow. I’m also big on linens! White Chair covers with white sashes and floor length table cloths are a must! We also have special lighting and our reception is in an old big courthouse (the landmark center in st Paul) so it fits the warm romantic feel we are going for. We are incorporating the old Hollywood, gone with the wind feeling, by having a specialty cocktail hour with dean martin, frank Sinatra playing.

Our January wedding is at 6pm so the reception won’t be until 715, and in Minnesota it is dark by then! So we want to make sure our large big space had warm lighting and a billion candles!

Do you prefer custom made or pre-fabricated wedding stationary?

I’m not sure, I’m having a really hard time with my invitations, I get ready to order them online, and back out because I’m not sure of quality, final product look etc. I’m worried the layout won’t look right, or the paper will feel cheap or something may be misprinted with them! I want my invitations to set the mood for our formal wedding without breaking the bank.
I’m very visual! I absolutely recommend buying samples and asking sisters/friends etc (my sweet future hubby says he likes everything, so that doesn’t help me much!) I ordered tons of samples – I even paid for some! I’m sure glad I did because they narrowed quite a few vendors out. Ladies you will want to TOUCH your invite – trust me! I never thought I would care so much about what they would look like but it’s a true investment like you said before and invites really set the tone for your wedding, you want to set the stage beautifully!

Be Budget Wise: Have fun and stick within your budget – don’t go one dollar over, it won’t feel good! Seek tips from experts, and really look into hiring a planner – you will be so happy you did!
Free Budget Planning guide: If you are interested email me and I will be glad to send you a free budget guide that fits neatly in your purse to help kee you in check.

Tips to an Enjoyable Day:

Hire a wedding consultant.

If it’s not in the budget for the entire wedding, make sure you have one for the day of. Your wedding isn’t a day where you want your mother worrying about the details. Make it special for everyone in your family – don’t forget someone has to clean up and manage your big day – why would you want your mother or sister to have to worry about that.

I wanted to make sure my whole family felt like it was a destination wedding (no worries, or lugging things around – just enjoying the special day). I have gotten a lot of compliments and gratitude from my close family members. Now, they can be with me at the spa, relaxing and getting ready instead of arranging my flowers. For me, we had one from the beginning and she has MORE than paid for herself with all the amazing deals she can find us. We had a less-than-average budget for our wedding, yet she has planned it so it will be like a gala event.


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