Real Bride Guide- Sneak Peek

Congratulations! You’re getting married!
You have just kicked into high gear of wedding preparation mode.
Now I’m sure you have jumped right into the fantasized version of wedding prep, without a thought of looking back. But you somehow found yourself overwhelmed and full of questions?
You think, it would be nice hear “real life” advice on what other brides have learned to help keep the stress level down.
What vendors to trust, money saving tips, proper etiquette and the list suddenly blurs out of focus due the scope of your un-assuredness.

Well, I've taken care of all that for you! Step back, take a breath and rest assure that in our new “Real Bride Guide” you can find common and sometimes not so common issues that have come up in “Real” brides wedding day planning; all with the goal to help you have a much deserved, well enjoyed wedding day for you, your future hubby, bridal party as well as your guest.

As this is meant to be interactive, feel free to chime in with your own helpful hints on any given subject to bring peace to a fellow bride.
Our first "Real Bride" has lots to share to all you fabulous brides out there so stay tuned to Tuesdays "Debut"


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