Save the Date "Savvy" with Leslie & Jordan

Why did you decide to send out
Save the Dates?

I decided to send out save the dates because a lot of my family is in Colorado (the wedding is in CA). I do have a wedding website, which I think is a great way to spread the word, but I was concerned that less tech-savvy guests might miss out. Also, I think they are very classy and get people excited about the wedding well in advance.

When will be you sending out your

Save the Dates? What made you choose that date?

I am going to send out my Save the Dates in December, about 7 months before the wedding. I chose that date because I wanted out of town guests to take advantage of cheaper airfare, and because there are so many weddings during the summer, I wanted to get mine on everyone’s calendar as soon as possible!

Will your Save the Dates have to match your invitations? Why?

My Save the Dates will match my invitation, because I think the event comes off as more successful and organized if it has a central theme. I think whether they do it consciously or subconsciously, guests will recognize and appreciate that everything is coordinated in terms of color and style.

What info did you choose to put on your Save the Dates and why?

I put our names, the date, the location, and our wedding website on our Save the Date. I’ve read that it’s improper etiquette to put your registries on your invitation or save the date, but you CAN list your wedding website, which will link guests to your registry. Maybe it is sneaky, but it’s one way to direct guests to those oh-so-important registry gifts!

Will you be
including a
If so will you use your monogram on other stationary?
I will be including a monogram, and I’d love to put it on stationary! Great idea.

Will you put “and guest” on the envelope of your save the dates?

Yes; I would like to let guests know as soon as possible that they will be allowed to bring a date, so there isn’t confusion.

What are some tips to "wedding" out your guest list?

My fiancĂ© and I both created out lists, and then we paired it down together. There was definitely some negotiating that went on. I don’t think it’s ever easy, but there are just some people that you have to cut.

It is important to remember that it’s your wedding – choose who you want to spend time with on one of the most special days of your life. Don’t make your wedding into a time to “catch up” with people. You should be able to enjoy the day with people you know and care about.

Was there anything particularly stressful about this process?

I love planning, and since this is my big event, obviously I have a lot personally invested in the process! I don’t think it should be stressful. Wedding planning should always be fun. I just try to stay organized. Planning tips on wedding websites such as are great resources. Also, keeping a budget and sticking to it helps you stay on track.

Do you have any tips to share concerning save the dates/wedding stationary?

I would say use wedding websites to look up proper wording for invitations; that really helped. Also, I am getting two sample options made so my family can help choose which one should go out to guests. It is a small gesture, but helps everyone feel involved. Buying samples is a must!


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