Wedding Invitation Creation Secrets

Do you ever look in awe at a
beautiful wedding invitation you run across and begin to imagine the feeling it would invoke in the hands of your guests upon receipt? Only to look at the price which leaves you adjusting your splendid thoughts on settling for a more practical version of this basic wedding essential?

I am an Invitation and stationary designer for all things wedding. But first I am a wife and mom who has learned the importance and practicality behind being resourceful. There is no reason why I can’t help you use these same principles behind creating lovely invitations by sharing the techniques behind this art.

As every savvy business owner does, I often search out the web to take a peek at what my completion is offering. It’s staggering when I find site after site presenting wedding invitations for an overwhelming price and that is before all the “add ons”. The reason they can: Wedding Invitations are a necessity in which the demand is high. Due to the overwhelming planning schedule any bride must face It can appear cumbersome to add “Invitation Creation” to your schedule.

I am glad to say it is a bit more manageable than you might expect it to be. Through my innovative service I can offer “Invitation Creation” group style parties or one on one training to prepare you and your wedding party to fashion custom invitations that won’t have you settling for a more “practical” version.

A lot of the cost that goes into the purchasing of wedding invitation is the work it takes to create, design and implement. If you are keen to take on the few hours of work that goes into it, you can almost cut your invitation costs in half.

With DIY invitations you have the room to play with your designs in which there are no limits. Unlike the ones you keep running into online- these are sure to be filled with what they lack- your unique personality shining through each one.


Open Forum Classes

This style of class is held in a public location in which I would teach how to make 3 basic wedding stationary necessities (invitation, place settings, guest book) in a group setting in which questions can be asked and vital tips will be revealed. All materials to create each paper accessory will be provided.

One on One training

This style of training allows me to work directly with you, the bride, to walk you through your invitation creation process from start to finish. All of my experience in this subject will revealed to you through diligent direction.

Private Group Instructional Parties

This “Mary Kay” style class can be held in a home setting with all your gals. With materials provided I will teach you and your wedding party how to help your entire wedding stationary process to run smooth as well as share many design secrets. If you are delegating tasks to different party members this would be a perfect way to allow each to become proficient in their tasks.

If you are interested in learning more about any style of the training sessions I have mentioned above please contact me at or call 850.624.9849


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