Wedding Invitation Questions

The beauty of a wedding celebration is each gathering of merriment has a unique personality as special and sometimes just as complex fashioned by all in attendance.

Part of my service in providing beautiful, modern, wedding invitations also includes the accessibility to answer your Shower, Save the Dates, Invitation, Announcement and Thank You concerns.

As a new bride I am sure you are filled with query and concerns about all things concerning your wedding requests.
Unique situations call for unique solutions.
Below are common questions asked and answers that many brides before you have looked to solve. If you have any simple or even unique questions you would like to pose feel free to email me and I will be sure to get an answer for you.

1. When coworkers assume they'll be invited to the wedding.

It is very rude to expect to be invited to a wedding, let alone hint to the bride about your expectation. Shame on your co-worker. Typically co-workers are not invited unless they are close friends. Simply tell those in your office that you'd just love to invite everyone you know but you have such a large family and a limited budget that you simply cannot invite coworkers. But, I would only do this if asked directly.

2. Proper etiquette for inviting coworkers to wedding

Company policy states, if I wish to have coworkers at my wedding I have to invite the entire staff which is about a dozen more coworkers than I planned on inviting. To save on invitations, is it rude to send just one invitation to the store? And, since, again by company policy they all have to be seated together, is it rude to request that they don't bring guests?

That is strange and unfair company policy. It may be best not to invite coworkers. But, if you do, you are expected to treat them like all other guests. They receive their own invitation and all significant others are invited as well.

3. Timing your Invitations Right. What is the best time to send out invitations.

Sending invitations out too early or too late can be a major wedding faux pas. We send invitations about two months before the wedding. Plans can and do change and it isn't polite to burden our guests with those changes. If you are worried guests will need an abundant heads up you can always opt to send out save the dates.

4. Information Wedding & Reception - Appropriate to Address in Invitation?

This is done in the formality of the invitation, including the language. It is also indicated by the venue/location and time of day. So, if you stated that your wedding is in a park in the afternoon, your guests would most likely know that it will be casual. Of course you could also verbally inform them

5. Couple paying for wedding. Who receives RSVP's?

Traditionally, responses would have gone to your mother, as her and your father would have been host. But, this is not the case anymore, especially in your case. The responses should go to the person keeping track of them, which would be you.

6. Civil wedding already took place now having church wedding.

That would be a blessing of the marriage. However, this is not a wedding and should not appear to be one. Invitations are sent to those close to the couple and can be handwritten informally or printed out on a postcard style card.

7. Who makes the wedding guest list?

Traditionally the bride and groom's family can split the guest list 50/50. You have the option of fine tuning the list if it gets out of hand. Remember your budget, venue and church accommodations and the intimacy you desire when providing the number of guests.

8. Combining wedding announcement and invitation.

You can't combine an announcement and invitation since an announcement is sent after the wedding to announce that you have been married and an invitation is sent before the wedding to invite your guest to attend. So, send invitations to anyone you want to invite and let them decide if they want to attend a destination wedding. Then send announcements to any one not invited to the wedding that may need to be informed that you've been married.

9. Addressing an invitation to a legally separated, but not divorced guest?
In the old fashion etiquette world, you would use the title "Mrs." either way. But, today we can use which ever title she chooses. Most likely, she would prefer "Ms.” But, you could ask her.

10. Proper Invitation Wording for Divorced Bride.

You should use your legal name, the one that everyone knows. Anyone who is close enough to you to invite to your wedding should recognize your name. Your fiancĂ© might not like seeing your ex-husband’s name on his wedding invitation but, if it is your name, then that is the name you'll use.

11. Should church coordinator be invited to rehearsal dinner and reception?

You certainly can but are not required to invite the church coordinator.

12. Do groom's parents get a wedding invitation?

Yes, all guests will be sent an invitation including parents and bridal party.
How much time should guests be given to respond to wedding invitations
Normally you need to turn in your guest count to the caterer 3 to 4 weeks in advance of the wedding.

13. Husband/Wife military rank on invitations.

You could list the branch only if you are on active duty. If you are on active duty, it would be listed under your name

14. Including directions in a wedding invitation

Pocket invitations are a popular pick which includes a insert for printed directions and/or Pre-printed maps are fine to enclose.

15. When are thank you notes considered late?
You generally have 2 weeks to one month (some stretch it to 2 months) to get a thank you note in the mail before it's considered rude. And a good rule of thumb is you can't use or display the gift until the thank you note is sent!


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