Invitation Trends- Pocket Fold

It’s easy to see why the Pocket-Fold style of invitation is a top choice among today’s brides.

With all the “extras” that go along with pulling off an organized celebration, all the necessary add ons can now be stored in a useful yet creative manner, without sacrificing style.

There are quite a few possible combinations you can choose as appropriate inserts of your pocket invitations, depending on your needs.

Response Card (RSVP)

Along with the actual invitation you should include a response card (RSVP) along with a stamped response card envelope.

This is how your guests will let you know whether or not they’re coming and if they are coming exactly who is coming with them.

There is often confusion when it comes to filling out the response card. The guest should start by writing all the names of the guests that will be attending on the line that starts with “M.” For example that line would read “Mr. and Mrs. John Smith or Ms. Jane Smith for a single person, if children are included it would read Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Suzy Smith, James Smith.”

Reception Card

If your reception is being held at a location separate from your ceremony you should include a reception card. The reception card should include the name and location of the reception venue and often will include driving directions from the ceremony location to the reception location.

Accommodations Insert

Some couples include an accommodations insert with their invitation. The accommodations insert will usually include hotel accommodations recommended by the bride and groom and often include information on a special rate they have secured for their guests.


A map or directions insert is also common. Often the bride and groom will provide directions to the ceremony and reception location and any special parking arrangements they may have made.

Additional Event

Many couples now choose to have a “wedding weekend.”
Often times guests are coming from far away and the couple plans additional events so that they can spend time with their guests and so that guests can get to know other guests.

Picnics, barbecues, cocktail parties, and golf tournaments are just an example of additional events the couple may have planned.

Sometimes they will include this information in with the wedding invitation but I usually recommend against that.

There is a fine line between the right amount of information and too much information all at once. If you aren’t already including several additional inserts with your invitation than a small insert with additional events information would probably be o.k. But if you’ve already got several other inserts included with your invitation I recommend sending the details of additional events separately.

You may even want to wait until guests have responded that they will be attending and then send them the additional events information. Too much information at one time can be confusing for guests.

Recipe Card

This is a fun, untraditional, addition to the pocket fold inserts. You can have recipe cards made up to match in which family and friends, young and old, can share their favorite recipes and kitchen tips. This is a very thoughtful addition that will help you stay connected with your guests.

With the pocket fold style of invitation comes the abilty to encapsulate the theme, style or feel of your wedding celebration. Such as in this "Destination" style invitation. There will be no quetions about where this wedding will be held or even what they can expect as far as attire and decor.

The band that holds the pocket together, called the belly band, is where all the pop and creativity will begin before your guests open up to the style you have chosen.

As alway...If you have any questions or ideas I love to hear your feedback!



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