"Girly" Expressions from Little M's Boutique-Weekly Feature-

With your wedding day creaping up fast
now is the time to let your
girly” side shine
through more than
What gal doesn’t like to feel uniquely glamorous with an accessory that has “her” personality written all over it?

Now it is easier and more reasonable than ever with these darling clutches by:

Specializing in custom clutches meant for you or even as a special gift is sure to strike up a lasting memory.

Little M’s Boutique is a one-woman show.

All her handbags are clever patterns that Little M’s has fashioned herself. “I don’t use a store-bought pattern.” These fun fabrics are uniquely mixed and matched only to be recreated into eye-catching designs. These sassy clutch bags are definitely exclusive; in which I have never seen another on like it. I think having the bangle as a handle and the cute ruffle on the flap really makes it a stand out.

"I design the bags, cut them out, sew them up and everything in between”.

This is something that is important to Little M’s because she takes great pride in producing a quality product.

“Since everything goes through my hands I know exactly what I am sending out to my customers. I would not send out anything that I would not carry myself.”

As a Bridesmaid Gift: Brides have had Little M’s create custom bags to match their bridesmaid personalities in which they included a special note inside each bag. “I think it is very personal and sweet. What girl would not love that?”

Since the wedding day is one of the most special days in a woman’s life, everything about it shouldbe just as special;

from the brides detailing on down to the bridesmaid gift.

At Little M’s Boutique the prices are undeniably reasonable. Folks often expect to pay more for this exquisite accessory but that is not the case here.

"I realize that most of us are living on a budget, especially when the word “wedding” is involved so I always try to keep my prices fair.”

Although store bought items don’t even compare with handmade; Special care is taken to make sure all details are checked and rechecked leaving you, the buyer, with a superior quality handbag like non other.

A tip if I May:

I have brides who buy the bags that I already have made on my site and I also have worked with brides to choose fabrics that she wants all of her bags made from. I would say that if you would like to purchase handbags to definitely make sure you leave plenty of time for production and delivery if you want a custom order. This year I will be a June bride myself and I have found that planning early helps to relieve a lot of the stress around such an occasion. This is no exception.


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