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Guestbooks are one of those things at a wedding that, amongst the excitement, can blend in to the background. Often, people don’t invest much time or thought in what the guestbook will look like or how it will be presented. However, the guestbook is one of the lasting memories that you will have from your big day.
Let's face it, getting your guests to sign a wedding guest book can be difficult. Waiting in line, trying to decide what to say . . . it's an outdated tradition!
However, Savvy brides are finding new ways to spice up the old custom by making it fun and creative for guests.

Below you will find some elegant ideas with a modern twist to help you hold onto those sentiments you wish to never forget.

If you are looking to get your guests out of having to stand in line and enjoying their time, you could have cards already at their seats to be dropped in a central location such as the gift or viewing table or any other spot of your choice in which you anticipate high traffic.

1. Consider Containers: an antique birdcage, fishbowls, decorative vases and boxes. Each of these can be decorated accordingly to match your decor and placed suitably in plain view rather than lying flat and often out of view.

2. One card-Two uses: Another idea for a guest book makes use of your place cards. Guests can write little messages on the backs of their cards and drop them in pretty glass bowls. Later, cut the cards in half and display both your guest’s name next to the card with their message. This will make a beautiful and meaningful scrapbook. Store your wedding invitations, your place cards, and any other stationery item or keepsake to help you remember this day.

3. Take a Wish- Leave a Wish: Very unique and quite resourceful.Instead of a guest book, two apothecary jars labeled “Make a Wish” and “Take a Wish” let guests write down their wishes for the happy couple and pick up a sweet sentiment from the bride and groom.
Find a container that will hold your wedding wishes. In this example, an antique birdcage is used, but there are many other options that will fit your wedding style. Large craft stores carry many things that could work for this. They usually have a large selection of different shaped glass vases and containers. Use some creativity. For a garden themed wedding, a tin watering can would look great. For a more modern approach, a colored glass cube vase would fit the theme. The possibilities are endless.
Make a small decorative sign to put by your "guest book" that will explain it to guests. Your guests may be used to the more traditional guest book so they might not immediately know what to do. Write it yourself if you are skilled in photography. If not, print it on a high quality thicker piece of card stock in a decorative font. It should be short and simple. Something like "Make a wish for the happy couple!" works great.
Cut up pieces of decorative paper into small rectangles. 3" x 4" is a good size and can be easily cut from a 12" x 12" sheet of quality scrapbook paper. This paper can be purchased at specialty scrapbook stores as well as discount craft stores. Set them out next to your container with a few nice pens. Use different colored ink to spice it up. If having an outdoor wedding don’t forget some sort of paper weight to place on top of each stack like a rock or glass figurine.
After the wedding, reading the little personalized notes from your friends and family is a wonderful experience. These little scraps of paper can be used in a variety of ways. You can arrange them into a collage on mat board and have it framed. Another idea is to use them throughout a wedding scrapbook.

4. For Wine Lovers: A Wine Bottle Guest Book! How cool is this for those wine lovers out there, this is a great way to memorialize those guests at your wedding. I could see the bottle sitting in an elegant bookcase 40 years from the day of your wedding. A felt tip “skinny” marker should do the trick. Be sure to practice first with different tip styles.

Tips from brides:

“I came across a wedding guest quilt online the other day and everything fell into place. Our colors are black, white, ivory and gold so we're going to have 5" squares of white fabric and black fabric markers. The 5" squares will have a frame drawn on them in chalk to show people where they can write (4" square).
After the wedding, and the purchase of a quilting hoop, we will sew the squares along with smaller ivory and gold squares together in a quilt pattern and make a quilt with a black border and backing.

“My cousin did a coffee table book of local artists from Savannah (where her wedding was located) for her guest book. People signed whatever page they wanted to and wrote sweet messages. They couple then displayed the book on their home coffee table and if people pick-it up to look they see all the nice messages left by their guests.”

“For memories that never fade, invite your guests to record their presence at an important gathering by signing their names on the voluminous Grand Signature Bowl with its accompanying Sterling Silver Scribe. The scribe has a special diamond tip that writes on glass, and comes with a card demonstrating how to hold the pen.”

“I like the idea of creating a picture book on or some other kind of publishing website and just add pictures, but leave some pictures blank for signatures”

“WE are doing the photo book as well. But instead of everyone taking their own pictures with a Polaroid we are going to designate two people to take pictures of the guest as the arrive at the reception. I will then have my guestbook already laid out with a spot for comments and then save room for the picture that I will insert at a later date. I hope this helps!”

“I love this idea soooo much that I am doing the same. I picked up a book of pen and ink sketches if Siesta Key, FL done by a local artist. I will then have ask my guests to write messages on the pages they want. The book is not a formal glossy hard cover book but a 8x12 paperback book of about 80 pages.”


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