Not Just Any Vacation...

The older I get, I'm only pushing 30 but still, the more I come to realize what the definition of "Vacation" really is. As a military family I used to think "Vacation" was any time we had a chance to hit the road for a week or two and visit with family.

Well...after quiet a few "family" visits gone wrong; I have a new found longing for just a quite, relaxing time enjoying the playful laughs of my children and flirtation banter with my hubby. None of which can be found in the midst of a long road trip and the bustle of a family get together.

With the recent closure of my shop and my frequent "disappearing" acts I'm sure some of you have thought I have found myself on some sort of extended vacation. Not the case, quite yet.

Paper Perfections has grown more successful than I originally anticipated, in which I owe God all the credit. I have now found myself in the place of having to close my shop doors of the month of March.

Since the quality of my product as well as customer service is on the top of my priority list I have had to close down in order to give all of my brides the attention to detail the deserve. I plan on opening back up on the 20th of March, featuring a "Grand Re-Opening" with new styles and professional photos in order to give a better visual effect to the Wedding Stationary I provide. I will also showcase a calendar schedule to keep each bride current on the slots available.

I look forward to seeing you there!
In the mean time please feel free to enjoy the current blog posts.


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