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In celebration of an all new fall wedding season, we’re excited to feature a distinctive giveaway that's designed specifically with you, a one-of-a-kind bride, in mind! Here at Paper Perfections, we like to think of our brides in terms of their own personal style. Whether you're

or Modern
each bride has her own unique flair. So put some of your own style into those details that shows off a bit of your panache. We’ve selected items from some of the best vendors to help make your memorable day even more wonderfully “you”

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Up for Grabs:

1. What bride doesn't need a little somethin'
The Sweet Sugar Beet is giving away this trendy, medium sized, cosmetic bag. Perfect for all your wedding day essentials--cosmetics, make-up brushes, mints and more! It’s made with designer Amy Butler’s Coriander Ivory cotton material and fully lined with a dark teal solid fabric.

The Sweet Sugar Beet has a wide variety of clutches and cosmetic bags that would make a perfect gift for your bridesmaids! The best part is that you can select a different fabric for each girl’s unique personality!

By: SweetSugarBeet- Designer of Modern Clutches and Cosmetic bags.

SweetSugarBeet—Bonus!!! "Free" Shipping offer: During the 2 week giveaway timeframe, make any purchase from the SweetSugarBeet and receive Free Shipping on your order. Place the code "Something Blue Giveaway" in the notes to seller box upon checkout. Once payment is recieved your shipping will be refunded.

2. Your choice of custom cards
“Will you be my Bridesmaid”. This set of 4 also comes with a matching "Maid of Honour" request. Perfect way to invite your bridal party in a very special way.

Your choice of style. Modern, classic, relaxed or alternative. I will work very closely with the winner to ensure they match your decor/style.

By: Mrsdstahl- Designer of Modern Wedding stationary and greeting cards

3. This simple yet sophisticated necklace was made with freshwater pearls tenderly wire wrapped to a silver ring and hung from a sterling chain. Finished with a lobster clasp the necklace measures 18 inches long.

By:Silvermoon-Designer of classic, semiprecious jewelry

Most of Silvermoon's pieces are simple, classic designs made with quality semi-precious gemstones and quality freshwater pearls, although she is highly skilled making more elaborate wire wrapped pieces.

Bath Bombs After your big day is done, what better way to show your appreciation for all the hard work your bridesmaids went through than by giving them the spa treatment?
These 4 ounce personalized bath bombs will let them soak their stress away in luxury, and best of all, YOU get to customize everything about it! Winner will receive one personalized bath bomb per member of her bridal party (plus one for herself, of course!)

By Bathgasm - Designer of custom bath & spa products

The classic bride will leave her groom breathless with a simply stunning article .--Respects tradition and opts for simple elegance.
The relaxed bride will offset her wonderfully fun and laid-back personality with equally vibrant item.-- Feels most at home celebrating with family and friends at a down-home outdoor reception in her parents back yard.
The modern bride will wow in a delightfully fun and very trendy piece.--Knows how to put a fresh spin on old favorites and often choose to forego the customary for the unconventional.
The alternative bride will find a fantastically funky way to put a spin on all she does.

To Enter: No two brides are just alike so the designers of these delightful treats want to hear what kind of bride you are!

Review all 4 of the designer’s shops (from giveaway items above) and find the item from each shop that best describes the manner of bride you are. Leave a comment on this post about your unique bridal style and be sure to tell us exactly how you plan to make your personality shine through to your I-Do's. We will select four winners: one classic, one relaxed, one alternative and one modern bride. Each will win one of the 4 items above.

Giveaway ends Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at 11:59PM. All four winners will be chosen by random; using the random calculator on Be sure and check back on the 23rd to see if you are the winner. If your name is posted be sure to contact us with your contact info so we can send your winnings out to you.

Thank you for your participation and we wish you all the best!


gillian said...

I am definitely a *classic* bride. The words "simple" and "elegant" are the words driving my vision for the day.

While I'm not planning on including all wedding traditions on my wedding day, the traditions I have chosen to include are very important to me. One such tradition is having bridesmaids. I have chosen three long-term friends and my sister to be my bridesmaids and including them is of utmost importance to me. As an example of this, I had more ideas about bridesmaid dresses than I did about my own wedding dress! I have also spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect gifts to give these lovely ladies to thank them for supporting me not only in preparation for my wedding, but also throughout my whole life.

The 4 designers featured in this giveaway all have excellent offerings, specifically for bridesmaid gifts. Here are my favourite items for bridesmaid gifts:

From SweetSugarBeet: I love the large cosmetic bag in "Park Fountains" design. I think it would be great to present other gift items inside this lovely bag; that way you have a extra gorgeous gift bag AND the bridesmaids have something in which to carry their wedding-day cosmetics while travelling from the getting-ready location to the ceremony to the venue (and for many trips thereafter).

From Mrsdstahl's custom cards: What better way to ask someone to be in your wedding party, or to thank them for being part of your special day, than a personalized, handmade card? These cards are awesome! I love them all, but I particularly enjoy the "made to order bridesmaid cards" in silver/grey.

From Silvermoon: I love pearls, and it just so happens that 3 of my 4 bridesmaids (plus me!) have June birthdays - and pearls are the birthstone for June! Not only will these pieces have extra special significance for the June babies, but they also fit with the simple and elegant theme of the wedding. My bridesmaids will be wearing a silvery-grey dress and I think pearls will be the perfect accessory. I think giving each of them a "sterling silver and freshwater pearl necklace" in the marquis drop is a fantastic idea. I am confident that these beautiful pieces of jewelry will be worn for many special occasions.

From Bathgasm: I think it's great to give some sort of spa/relaxing item as a way to say "thanks for going through this stressful day with me." The "4 ounce lavender bath bomb fizzy" is great because lavender is a particularly soothing fragrance, and I'm sure that my bridesmaids would love to totally relax after the big wedding weekend (which means a weekend of travel for all of them).

So - that's it! Those are the pieces that I think would be great to give my bridesmaids as a way of thanking them for all they do for me.


Marsha said...

oh I love this! I just stumbled on your blog while looking up something :) I offer bridal corsets and lingerie all the way from S-6X, and would love to offer something for your giveaways :) We do this type of thing as well and it's fun for everyone!

Paper Perfections said...

Thanks Marsha for stopping by! I checked out your site and your work is gorgeous!! This is our first giveaway so we will see how it goes and I will be sure and keep you in mind next time around. If you have more questions you can always email me

cherell said...

i would consider myself a relaxed type of bride. i am a young mother so the last thing i need is for something to be too overdone and stressful. simple yet unique, but not too difficult. i am getting married in october of this year.. and i just know that anything i could win would really help. My fiance and i are living off of one income and are struggling very hard to make it. I am a stay at home mom..and i want nothing more than to marry my fiance and live happily ever after with our daughter!! :o)

RecreationalArt said...

Hey Sarah - I have blogged your giveaway on my blog for my Fab Friday's Find. Hope it helps!!!

Burning Moon said...

All of these shops are wonderful I have looked through all & picked out my favorites,
SweetSugarBeet I love her Chocolate Damask (Michael Miller) because It is black & white & has an old fashion feel to it.Mrsdstahl- her Invitations with Spunk really caught my eye because of the gorgeous swirls & bright green.Silver moon such lovely jewelry I love her Sterling silver and chalcedony necklace because I love the color blue. Bathgasm her Fizzy Scrub with Shea Butter and Sea Salts are great I actual have some coming in the mail I can't wait to try.

My fiance & I are having a Costume ball for our wedding which will be Held on October 31st,2010 our colors will be Black,Blood red & Royal blue I can't wait to get everything set up & see how it turns out. I would love to be able to win one of your great prizes

Vidia2Be said...

Oh from sweetsugar Id love the Black & white damask its divine!!!
Mrsdstahl has a divine set of black tie invites that are right up my alley since were going with a wiccan goth theme!!!
Silvermooncrafts has alot to choose from but I simply adore the Sterling silver wire wrapped Smoky Quartz and pearl earrings...
ok as always the bathgasm will be my toughest choice but since were marrying on All Hallows eve the halloween theme fizzies would be amazing favors!!!

Aik said...

I love all these:

1. Cocoa Wallpaper (Melissa Averinos) - Curvy Clutch from sweetsugarbeet - chic and modern

2. Spring Fling Stationary 5 Pack from mrsdstahl - happy and joyful

3. Sterling silver and freshwater pearl necklace from silvermooncrafts - Simple, elegant and classic

4. You Pick FIVE (5) Pack 4 Ounce Bath Bombs Fizzies from bathgasm. - These will make awesome party favours!

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

i'm a modern bride!! i love to follow the current trends and dislike doing things the old fashioned way. my wedding, for one, will be a very modern, hip, one!

1) Sweet Sugar Beet - I love the Cocoa Wallpaper (Meliisa Averinos) - Medium Cosmetic Bag. I love the warm colours and will be including pink in my wedding!

2)mrsdstahl - I love the All Boy Gift Card Holder because dark red and blue are my fiance's favourite colours! I'm sure he would love to use these for his stag night.

3)silvermooncrafts - I love the Sterling silver and chalcedony necklace. The blue gemstone is so stunning. Would go perfect with my beachy outfits for the honeymoon! :)

4)Bathgasm - I love the Raspberry Cream Cupcake Bath Bomb Fizzy. I adore the scent of raspberry cream and it's pink!!!

fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

thank you for the amazing chance to win! :)

Jess said...

From the stores:

1) Gothic Rose (Amy Butler) - Small Cosmetic Bag by Sweet Sugar Beet - It's small and perfect for any emergency kit I dream up.

2) June Bride Filagree Bridal Necklace by Silvermoon crafts - I'm planning to wear a simple, knee-length purple dress, so this would definitely stand out.

3) 4 Ounce Honey Almond Bath Bomb Fizzy by Bathgasm - I'd get a ton of these so my friends could relax after flying in to visit!

4) Summer Picnic Sentiments Set by mrsdstahl - They're just cute. There, I said it.

I am most definitely an alternative bride. Right now my fiance and I are working together on creating essentially a weekend reunion for our friends, because we're excited to share it all with them. They're flying in from all over, so we're renting a house. A bunch of people are joining the two of us on baking and cooking, there's talk of a late-night sci-fi movie marathon, and we're holding the event during a major gaming convention. On top of that, instead of having a traditional wedding party we're hoping to have four friends run the ceremony as the executive board of a Robert's Rules of Order-style meeting. We ran a club together in college, so that makes more sense to us for such an important event.

We want to shout 'ni!' at some point. Maybe we'll also use kazoos. And devil ducks toys. I'm pondering ice cream sundaes instead of cake, and my fiance wants to bake cinnamon rolls for everyone. We even figured out how to use miniature terrariums for a scavenger hunt. It'll be fun.

Soy Pea said...

Haha, well from all the bridal magazines I get, I always fill out the "What type of bride are you" quizzes. I always get either modern or trendy. :)

SweetSugarBeet: I love that red pop daisy bag the best. Cute!

MrsDstahl: I like the groovy greetings card.

SilverMoonCrafts: That sterling silver and yellow opal necklace is gorgeous.

Bathgasm: I'd love to try that fizzy scrub with shea butter.

Daniel Stahl said...

I am so glad to see all of your entries. I have really enjoyed getting to know each of your bridal styles! I wish you all the best!

greeneginger said...

I think i am an alternative bride and so is my friend who is getting married on Halloween this year!!

SweetSugarBeets has an adorable Large Cosmetic Bag called Brown Tablecloth (Anna Maria Horner) I think that the colors and design is so cool!

The Garden Grown Thank you cards by Mrsdstahl are very sweet!!

Very Gorgeous jewelry made by SilverMoonCrafts..I think that the Sterling silver natural chalcedony and freshwater pearl necklace is many favorite pieces at her shop:)

Bathgasm has many great Bathbombs..Love the shop name and love the"Erotic"bombs too. The Halloween Bath Bomb Fizzy Triple Pack - One 3oz Jack O Lantern, One 2oz Ghost, and One 4oz Candy Corn is perfect for a Halloween wedding;)

I enjoyed checking out all of these shops..Thank you;)


Courtney said...

I definitely fall into the 'Classic' bride category. Simple elegance, sophistication and tradition are words that outline my wedding planning.

I love Sweet Sugar Beet's blue and white floral cosmetic bag. I have decided on a light blue color theme and the bag would make a perfect bridesmaid gift and wedding day staple.

Along those same lines, Mrsdstahl has gorgeous invitations, the 'Modern Twist to a Classic Style' with the blue theme and elegant bow are by far my favorite item on her site.

Silvermoon's sterling silver freshwater pearl and peruvian blue opal bracelet is breathtaking. Again this would make a beautiful bridesmaid accessory and gift.

Bathgasm's Fizzy Scrub in Bonnet Blue, Warm Vanilla Sugar is the perfect item for the Classic bride to relax and pamper herself.

I enjoyed viewing the four stores and definitely plan to make some purchases in the near future.

Thank you,

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